How It All Started

Hi! I’m Sara, the founder of EverydayPlanners. I’ve always had a thing for planning – scribbling, brainstorming, listing, sorting and even journaling! I started journaling and planning in school – influenced by my English teachers and my favourite novel, “From the Files of Madison Finn”. haha. But, I never knew how much planning helped me until one day, I stopped. I stopped planning for a very long time.

When I went to university, I stopped buying a planner because it didn’t make sense to me since the normal calendar year doesn’t align with my Academic year. Without realizing, I started slipping off my studies and got distracted with so much stuff and events. See, the study-social balance was tough for architecture students (I studied architecture), and I didn’t even plan! I slipped into depression and I tried so many things to get better. Then one day it suddenly hit me… I needed to get back to planning and journaling!

So fast forward to 2015, I was looking for “The Perfect Planner”. Apparently, everything in the market was the same ol’ boring kinds. Since I’m a designer, I thought, why not create one for myself. 2015 was a great turning point for me thanks to that planner.

After some experimenting, I know that when I don’t plan and try to be “spontaneous” for a bit too long, things can go south. Having so many things on my mind and wanting to do so many things, it’s easy to get lost. Which is why, especially on tough days, planning always makes things much easier. It just keeps me focused. And I know it can help other people too.

When I started to sell EverydayPlanners, I understood that each of us wants different things, MANY different things. And everyone has their own style to get their every day going. I first came up with 3 different planners – Academic, Fitness and Business. Since then, I’ve perfected the structure to help people of different backgrounds achieve their goals, no matter what it is.

To all those who purchased and supported EP, thank you so much! I really hope this is some good I can bring to the world.


Sara Razz

The Philosophy
Make the ordinary come alive.
The extraordinary will take care of itself.
The Mission
  1. Help people get organized.

  2. Help people find balance.

  3. Help people achieve goals.

  4. Help people be more creative.

  5. Help people live and fulfill.